Paintable Decals

Decals printed in black and white so that you can china paint on top of them.  If you follow the instructions included for firing the black and white decal you will be able to fire your piece many times without doing an damage to the original black and white.  Many come with a colored printout of what it will look like painted and suggestions for which of our china paints to use to achieve that look, although any china paint line will work over these decals.

Each decal is available in three different sheets. 

Duo Sheet is that one image twice on the page.  Usually around 4" x 6" in size. 

Multi Sheet has one of the large 4" x 6" decals and as many medium sized as we can fit on the page.

Mega Sheet has one of the large 4" x 6", one of the medium sized, and as many smaller as we can fit.

If you would like specific sizes on your sheet simply select the Mega Sheet and let us know what you want on that sheet.